Bots - Early Access

If you have own automated conversations solution to replace part of conversation to live agents with conversation to Bots, external bots API is available.

Bots are acting similar to agent role in comunication with customers, sending and receivning messages trough API endpoint. 

Beside name for bot, destination and webhookUrl are required for bot to operate. Destination is telephone number or Facebook messengerId where customers are sending messages to bots. WebhookUrl is used to deliver inbound message to external bot location.

Inbound messages:

After message is received for bots destination number, conversation is created if not already exists and message will be processed and forwarded to webhookUrl.

Outbound messages:

Messages generated from bots will be received on API create message (conversation must exists*), processed and send to customers.

Terminating bot conversation and continue with live agent can be done by assigning agent to conversation or routing conversation (this will unassign bot from conversaton).

*Bot cannot start conversation sending first message.

The following methods for bot managements are available: