Launch outbound IVR

This method allows you to start an outbound IVR toward a multiple destinations.



Property name Type Description
bulkId string  The ID which uniquely identifies the request.
from string (41793026700) Numeric sender ID length should be between 3 and 14 characters.
to* array_string Array of message destination addresses. Destination address must be in the international format (Example: 41793026727).
scenarioId* string Scenario key.
messageId string The ID that uniquely identifies the message sent.
parameters object The parameters that should be passed to the scenario on execution.



The URL on your callback server on which the Delivery report will be sent.

notifyContentType string Preferred Delivery report content type. Can be application/json or application/xml.
validityPeriod int The message validity period shown in minutes. When the period expires, it will not be allowed for the message to be sent. A validity period longer than 48h is not supported (in this case, it will be automatically set to 48h).
sendAt datetime Used for scheduled IVR flow (IVR will not to be sent immediately, but at scheduled time).
callbackData string Additional client's data that will be sent on the notifyUrl. The maximum value is 200 characters.
retry object Used to define if the delivery of the IVR should be retried in case the first try doesn't succeed. Additional retries will be made according to the schedule defined by minPeriod and maxPeriod parameters and platform's internal retry logic. If the minPeriod differs maxPeriod, delivery will be retried in the following manner: after 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 10 min, 20 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, 16 hours, 24 hours or until maxPeriod is reached.  If the retry attempt for the MaxPeriod is reached, the MaxPeriod will be used for all subsequent retries. If the minPeriod and the maxPeriod are defined as equal values, the period of time between retries will be equal to this value. IVR delivery will be retried until the successful delivery or validity or maxCount value is reached.
minPeriod int Defines the minimal waiting time (in minutes) after the previous failed attempt to try to deliver the flow again.
maxPeriod int Defines the maximum waiting time (in minutes) after the previous failed attempt to try to deliver the flow again.
maxCount int Specify the maximum number of retry attempts. Maximum value of the maxCount is 4. Higher value, if entered will be set to 4.
sendingSpeed object Sending rate defined in number of messages sent per second, minute, hour or day. First message will be sent immediately (or at sendAt if scheduling is used) and subsequent messages will be sent respecting defined speed. For example, if sending speed is defined as 10 messages per hour, messages will be sent every 6 minutes. If this parameter is defined, validity period is ignored.
speed int Defines the number of messages that will be sent per specified time unit.
timeUnit string Defines time unit used for calculating sending speed.  Possible values: second, minute, hour and day.

Request Example

					POST /voice/ivr/1/messages HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic QWxhZGRpbjpvcGVuIHNlc2FtZQ==
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json

   "bulkId": "BULK-ID-123-xyz",
   "messages": [
         "scenarioId": "6298AA7707903A4ED680B436929681AD",
         "from": "41793026700",
         "destinations": [
               "to": "41793026727"
               "to": "41793026731"
         "parameters": {
           "foo": "bar"
         "notifyUrl": "",
         "notifyContentType": "application/json",
         "callbackData":"DLR callback data",
         "validityPeriod": 720,
         "sendAt": "2016-07-07T17:00:00.000+01:00",
         "record": false,
         "retry": {
            "maxPeriod": 5,


  "bulkId": "BULK-ID-123-xyz",
  "messages": [
      "to": "385993061678",
      "status": {
        "groupId": 1,
        "groupName": "PENDING",
        "id": 26,
        "name": "PENDING_ACCEPTED",
        "description": "Message accepted, pending for delivery."
      "messageId": "fda25a85-22fe-43e4-ad70-acb01bbd919b"

Response format

If successful, the response header HTTP status code will be 200 OK and the IVR flow will be sent.

If you try to send the request without authorization, you will receive a 401 Unauthorized error.

Voice Response

Parameter Type Description
bulkId String The ID that uniquely identifies the request. Bulk ID will be received when a message is sent to more than one destination address.
messages VoiceResponseDetails Array of sent message objects, one object per message.

Voice Response Details

Parameter Type Description
to String The message destination address.
status Status Indicates whether the message has been sent successfully, not sent, delivered, not delivered, waiting for delivery, or other status.
messageId String The ID that uniquely identifies the sent message.


Parameter Type Description
groupId int Status group ID.
groupName String Status group name.
id int Status ID.
name String Status name.
description String Human-readable description of the status.