OMNI Chat: Introduction

Learn about Infobip's OMNI Chat and available channels.

Easy access to a variety of Chat platforms with Infobip OMNI Chat

How to step out in a crowded information environment and grab your customers’ attention? Find their favorite channel.

Numbers show that messaging is exploding and that messaging apps are getting even more popular than social media apps. Easy access, direct and cheap way of communication made messaging apps part of both our daily personal and business routine.

OMNI Chat API enables you to get access to various Chat channels by using a single API. This way your customers can choose which channels they want to be contacted over.

Today, companies are going multichannel. With Infobip Chat API you can easily add new channels to enrich communication with your users and connect your CRM software, website or application to the messaging platforms you want to use.

It enables direct communication with your customers using the same messaging platforms that they already use when talking to their friends. It allows you to personally interact with them, keep them engaged with your business, and drive them to perform actions. The messages can be personal, informative, transactional, or promotional and support text, images, buttons, and links.

Available channels include:

Creating an Application on Infobip’s platform is the first step in order to use the Omni Chat API.