Receive message

Receive incoming message from your subscribers.

Incoming messages setup

Before you can start receiving messages you need to configure a webhook for your application. You can find instructions on how to set up a webhook in the Application documentation.

Every message we receive from your subscribers will be forwarded to the URL you provided in the Application setup section.

An example of the forwarded message:

  "results": [
      "from": "37512FEC78DBC1895567B09AE6D9439328C12E83BC83D449BC4A9F32F1AE3C3A",
      "to": "0F3C3F29829FAB88714BA205BEC6D28F",
      "receivedAt": "2017-01-05T12:47:56.221+0000",
      "callbackData": "callbackData",
      "message": {
        "type": "TEXT",
        "text": "Hello, World!"
      "price": {
        "pricePerMessage": 0,
        "currency": "EUR"
  "messageCount": 1,
  "pendingMessageCount": 0