People: Introduction

Learn how to sync your audience with Infobip's platform

People API connects your website, CRM or application with Infobip's platform so you can create unified audience profiles across channels and segment your audience in real-time and communicate with the right people.

You should use our API if you want to completely eliminate the need for manual import of your audience lists into Customer portal, reduce the time for preparing campaigns and automate that part of your business process.

People Introduction

You can manage persons, tags and additional fields. Each of the entities are described in the following documents so let's get you started with:

The flow is simple:

  1. Add your audience to Infobip platform
  2. Organize your audience by using Tags and segment them by any filter you need
  3. Launch your targeted campaign

But first, in order to use our API, you will need credentials. These are not used only for API but also for other Infobip services like Customer portal.
If you already have an Infobip account you can skip this step and immediately check the authorization. Otherwise, follow this link: Create new account.