SMS Notifications for New Deposits

Easily notify customers in real-time about account changes with SMS.

The growth of e-banking and digital transformation have made an opportunity for customers to make transactions 24/7. Notifying customers in real-time about important account changes has become industry standard and customers expect nothing less. SMS still remains the most reliable way to deliver messages, as it does not require an internet connection or the installation of a phone app.


How to use SMS as a notifying service?

SMS is a great way to provide notifications such as:

  • a change in account balance.
  • a paycheck deposit.
  • a bounced or declined payment.


For example, your customer could receive a message similar to this one for each new deposit:

“349.00 euros have been deposited to your bank account by company X. More information:”

Setting up a notification by using Infobip SMS API is as simple as it gets. Every new deposit will trigger an API call with the message template and custom value variables.

  "text":"349.00 euros has been deposited to your bank account by company X. More information:"

For implementation details see Send Single SMS documentation.

You can even go a step further and implement Fully-featured textual message

to set up a delivery time window or language details. Also, if you have several transactions in a short period of time, batching multiple notifications with a single API call is a good approach to achieve better performance.

For each sent SMS, we provide a delivery report, which can be pulled over our API, or delivered to the endpoint you specify when sending the SMS.

By using SMS, you are providing real time notifications about all debit or credit transactions in the customer’s account as they occur, enabling your client to have an overview of their finances in real time.